Onyx Baby Pacifiers - 2 pk | Silicone Pacifier | Ninni Co.
Onyx Ninni Pacifiers - 2 pk | Ultra Soft Nipple-Like Pacifiers | Ninni Co.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Onyx Baby Pacifiers - 2 pk | Silicone Pacifier | Ninni Co.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Onyx Ninni Pacifiers - 2 pk | Ultra Soft Nipple-Like Pacifiers | Ninni Co.

Ninni Pacifier Onyx 2 Pack

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Increase your baby’s pacifier collection with our 2-pack of Onyx breast-like pacifiers, designed to mimic mother’s natural breast closely. This hue is bold yet versatile, perfect for any season or outfit. The Ninni pacifiers are a baby must-have for busy parents needing straightforward, reliable baby supplies. Don’t forget to pair your Onyx pacifier with a pacifier clip to keep it clean and always within reach, making it a practical addition to your collection of pacifiers for babies. The Onyx 2-pack will come conveniently packed in one environmentally friendly rice paper kraft bag, bundled always with love. Bottle or breast, Ninni Co. is best!

  • Recommended Age: 0-36 months, making it the best newborn pacifier for your growing baby
  • Orthodontic Benefits: Designed to encourage proper oral growth and are highly recommended pacifiers by experts and professionals
  • Natural Sucking and Latching Support: The silicone pacifier facilitates natural sucking and latching for infants
  • Emphasis on Safety: The baby pacifier's round shape with several holes ensures safe breathing for your baby
  • Comfortable and Natural Latch: The design allows for a gentle touch against the baby’s nose, encouraging a wide, natural latch
  • Easy for Babies to Grip: The ultra-soft nipple is designed for easy gripping, enhancing both comfort and oral motor skill development
  • Designed for All Babies: A baby binky perfect for both breastfed and bottle-fed babies, ensuring a seamless transition
  • BPA-free, Top Quality Silicone: Safe for babies and approved by experts
  • Easy to Clean
  • Dishwasher-Safe
For Canada orders: https://www.babyboomcreations.ca/ninni-pacifier-cases-and-clips

For all other International orders: https://lactationhub.com/ninni-co-pacifier

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Sharon Tarango

The product had us all with very high hopes, but it is so flemsy and thin it does nothing. The instructions say it’s a leaning curve for the baby to latch on to it. Well we have been trying to get him to latch on this thing for days and days! I am very disappointed in the product material. If it was a bit sturdier I think it might have a chance of being a good find.

I wanted to love it

I wanted to love this pací but my breastfeed baby didn’t ! I tried for several weeks and nothing also I read it needs to be renewed every 3-6 weeks


My baby loves it

Traci Hamrick

Baby is breastfed and will use this, have to stick your finger in the middle in order for baby to latch correctly. Would be better if it was a tad bit firmer.

Angela Mace
Thank you!

Our little one has finally found the pacifier for him. He is not one (to this point) who takes a pacifier often, believe me we tried many. So glad we tried the Ninni!