Onyx Baby Pacifiers - 2 pk | Silicone Pacifier | Ninni Co.
Ninni Pacifier Onyx 2 Pack
Onyx Ninni Pacifiers - 2 pk | Ultra Soft Nipple-Like Pacifiers | Ninni Co.
Ninni Pacifier Onyx 2 Pack
Ninni Pacifier Onyx 2 Pack
Ninni Pacifier Onyx 2 Pack

Ninni Pacifier Onyx 2 Pack

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Increase your baby’s pacifier collection with our 2-pack of Onyx breast-like pacifiers, designed to mimic mother’s natural breast closely. This hue is bold yet versatile, perfect for any season or outfit. The Ninni pacifiers are a baby must-have for busy parents needing straightforward, reliable baby supplies. Don’t forget to pair your Onyx pacifier with a pacifier clip to keep it clean and always within reach, making it a practical addition to your collection of pacifiers for babies. The Onyx 2-pack will come conveniently packed in one environmentally friendly rice paper kraft bag, bundled always with love. Bottle or breast, Ninni Co. is best!

  • Recommended Age: 0-36 months, making it the best newborn pacifier for your growing baby
  • Designed to encourage proper oral growth and are highly recommended pacifiers by experts and professionals
  • Natural Sucking and Latching Support: The silicone pacifier facilitates natural sucking and latching for infants
  • Emphasis on Safety: The baby pacifier's round shape with several holes ensures safe breathing for your baby
  • Comfortable and Natural Latch: The design allows for a gentle touch against the baby’s nose, encouraging a wide, natural latch
  • Easy for Babies to Grip: The ultra-soft nipple is designed for easy gripping, enhancing both comfort and oral motor skill development
  • Designed for All Babies: A baby binky perfect for both breastfed and bottle-fed babies, ensuring a seamless transition
  • BPA-free, Top Quality Silicone: Safe for babies and approved by experts
  • Easy to Clean
  • Dishwasher-Safe
For Canada orders: https://babyboomcreationsproducts.ca/collections/ninni-co-pacifier

For all other International orders: https://lactationhub.com/ninni-co-pacifier

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Gaylene Gonzales

The pacifier is hard to grip and latch

Baby loves them

Typically my baby never takes to pacifiers however, when I first introduced the Ninni he took it right away. It’s super soft silicone and it looks like a nipple. I gave it to him right after a feeding and he kept it in! Then wouldn’t let me take it away. The only downside is he kept inverting the nipple since it’s so soft but I guess that’s also why he liked it.

Life Saver

Recommended by our lactation specialist, it’s the only pacifier our little guy will tolerate. Real life saver. When I left our only one at grandma’s, I immediately ordered the 2 pack as backups so we’d never be without.

Nichole White

Love these pacifiers! They’re the only pacifier my breastfed baby will take. They even corrected his latch! Will never buy a different brand of pacifier ever again! Totally worth the price! Love the paci holders too!!

Gabrielle Wainright
I’ve bought almost 10

I loooooove these pacifiers. I have Bought em multiple for my house and one for every expecting mother I know. They truly are breast like! As long as you follow the “how to” you should always have success.
I write This now as I buy another two pack for my second baby due in less than a month. My toddler still uses hers and I dont Have to worry about it shifting her teeth or affecting her speech.