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  • Give the Perfect Baby Shower Gift with Ninni Co. Baby Bundles!

    Trying to find the perfect shower gift for that new mom-to-be?

    The NinniCo. Baby Bundle has you covered!

    Designed by moms, the Ninni is far from being just another pacifier. It’s made of 100% silicone, it mimics natural breastfeeding and it’s twice as soft as other pacifiers. That means extra comfort for baby and loads of much–needed relief for parents. On top of all that, the Ninni has been recommended by over 100 International Board Certified Lactation Consutants.

  • Get Ninni Pacifier Tips for Success from Pediatric Physical Therapist

    Dr. Tadros offers an informative webinar featuring best practices for teaching baby to successfully use the Ninni. Complete with video examples, it’s a great resource for parents who would like more information beyond the basic instructions that come with the packaging.  And thanks to a special offer, when you order a Ninni pacifier you can receive a special code to access this engaging tutorial for 50% off the regular $30 price, for a total of just $15.

  • Tips for Success with the Ninni Co. pacifier

    One of the most common messages we receive from new mamas is about best practices for success with the Ninni Co. pacifier. So, we wanted to share some of our best tips and tricks with you right here.