Ninni Co. Transitions Away from Amazon

Three adorable babies with ninni pacifiers

August 14 was the last day of our relationship with Amazon. The platform was an amazing way for so many families to enjoy the benefits of our one-of-a-kind breastlike pacifier.

But as a mom-owned business that prioritizes safe, U.S.-made products and taking care of our employees, the time is right for a new direction in our company journey.

Putting Quality First

Baby sitting up and using hands to hold ninni pacifier in mouth

Ninni Co. was founded as a faith-based business by sisters Joy and Jane, who are the proud Midwestern mamas of three adorable kids each.  

Our less-than-stellar experience with traditional pacifiers inspired us to create the Ninni – the world’s first pacifier that mimics breastfeeding. 

As our customers already know, the Ninni promotes correct muscle movement and the oral motor skills needed for breastfeeding and suck training. It’s made of a buttery soft, 100% medical grade silicone that’s completely BPA, phthalate and PVC free. The Ninni offers soothing comfort for baby and peace of mind for parents.

Amazon was an excellent way for more families to discover the Ninni pacifier. However, its fees and payment terms simply weren’t set up for long-term success. The combination of selling fees, referral fees, shipping fees and other costs quickly eat into profits for independent sellers like Ninni Co.

Selling direct through the Ninni website gives us the freedom to continue making the unique products our customers count on to make life easier. It also lets us maintain the cash flow needed to keep our company going strong in the future.

Recommended by Parents & Infant Care Experts

The Ninni has earned the distinction of being the #1 recommended pacifier among infant feeding professionals, as well as the go-to soother for happier babies.
  • Lactation Hub praises the Ninni as the best pacifier for breastfed babies. 
  • It’s also recommended by Acorn Family Health & Wellness Center of Oakville, Ontario. 
  • Dr. Giselle Tadros, PT, DPT and founder of In-Home Pediatric PT, uses the Ninni in therapy with pre-term babies and those with tongue-tie disorders. 
  • Tiny Tracker founder Lauren Anderson noticed improvements in her 2-year-old daughter’s tooth development after switching from a traditional pacifier to the Ninni.
Three Ninni pacifiers

Stories like these inspire the labor of love that we do every day at Ninni Co. Our number one priority will always be to deliver comforting products made with safe, high quality materials parents can trust.

Whether you’re new to the Ninni, or if it’s time for a backup, we invite you to shop our products today. Order a 3-Pack for $34.99, or add any three 1-Packs to your shopping cart for an auto discount. 

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