Ninni Co. Founders Continue the Family Legacy of Entrepreneurship

Sisters Jane Molina and Joy Williams proudly launched Ninni Co. on March 1, 2021, offering soothing relief to babies and mamas everywhere.

Sisters and Ninni Co founders Joy Williams and Jane Molina

It was the culmination of seven long years of research, development and good old-fashioned hard work for the two busy Midwestern mamas, who are also active in their church and community.

The Ninni is a patented, breastlike pacifier that elevates how babies are nurtured. In addition to its unique shape, the Ninni is made in the USA of 100% silicone and is BPA and phthalate free. Customers can order the Ninni and accessories through our website. It gives moms peace of mind and supports healthy infant development. 

The sisters created the Ninni after less-than-stellar experiences with pacifiers for their own children. They were also inspired by life lessons handed down by their parents and grandfather. You might say entrepreneurship literally runs in the family!

A Family Tradition of Hard Work & Solving Problems

Jane and Joy say it’s in their blood to be forward-thinking problem solvers in everyday situations, both at home and at work. 

The family legacy of entrepreneurship goes all the way back to their grandfather. Born in the 1890s in Mississippi, he owned a farm at a time when it was rare for a Black person to own land. It was there that he harvested cotton and ran his own meat and dairy operation. 

The sisters also learned from their father, who used his GI bill from the military to learn the heating and cooling trade. After obtaining his certification, he launched his own heating and cooling business, which he successfully ran for almost 40 years. 

Conventional desk jobs never appealed to Jane and Joy. In their previous roles, they were known for their innovative, out-of-the-box thinking and challenging the status quo. After completing film school in Miami, Florida, Jane worked in corporate film production. Joy had a career in documentary and television production before returning to St. Louis to join her father’s business. 

The Search for a Better Pacifier

The idea for the Ninni began when Jane had trouble finding the right pacifier for her third child. She tried one brand after another, but her son simply wouldn’t take any of the traditional pacifiers she offered him.

The sisters noticed that traditional pacifiers were mostly hard and rigid, with a shape that took the work out of suckling. As a result, soothing became a thoughtless act that hindered oral development. 

Jane discovered she was hardly alone when she went online to express her frustrations. Across multiple chat forums, she learned that moms from all walks of life were having the same pacifier issues with their babies. 

The sisters started asking questions:

  • Who created traditional pacifiers?
  • How do pacifiers impact babies as they grow?
  • Why hadn’t the basic design changed in 100 years?
  • Why didn’t pacifiers mimic breastfeeding?

That’s when they decided it was time for an update! 

The time had come to finally create a pacifier that offered a soft, skin-like feel, encouraged healthy mouth movements and promoted good oral development. 

Seven Years to Launch the Ninni

Creating and manufacturing the Ninni took lots of hard work and perserverance, as Jane and Joy navigated unchartered territory and heard more than their fair share of no’s along the way. 

The sisters enlisted the help of local designers, engineers and attorneys in creating their patented breastlike pacifier. They surmounted a steep learning curve filled with uncertainty as they learned all the ins and outs of the pacifier market. But for every closed door, they found a detour, and after five long years, they finally secured a patent for the Ninni.

Their greatest reward is when happy mamas reach out to say they finally found a pacifer that works for their baby!

A Labor of Love for Moms & Babies

Almost three years after launch, a growing community of moms continue to thank us for creating the softest, anatomically correct soother on the market. 

Thanks to its unique design, the Ninni reinforces proper latch during feeding. This helps baby relax and reinforces good mouth movements. Families around the world are discovering the elevated soothing and oral development solution offered by the Ninni. 

Awareness of the Ninni has grown by word-of-mouth and online, as happy mamas and infant care experts spread the word on Instagram, Facebook, breastfeeding groups and chat threads. Jane and Joy have engaged with customers through frequent social media posts and simple ads on popular websites. 

The sisters say their greatest accomplishment is creating a product that works. They are most proud of the messages they receive from relieved mamas thanking them for creating the Ninni. 

We invite you to order our NinniCo. Baby Gift Sets, complete with three pacifiers and other essentials for much-needed relief for moms and babies.