Ninni Co. Gives Back with Food for the Hungry Child Sponsorships

At Ninni Co., our mission is to support moms and babies.

Happy young brother and sister smile for the camera while helping in a vegetable garden

That means offering soothing relief with the Ninni pacifier. It also means offering support for all moms and children beyond infancy, in any way we can. That’s why we’re excited to sponsor 10 precious children through Food for the Hungry. 

Child Sponsorship means opportunities for children to grow, learn, and achieve their God-given potential, according to Cyndi McGraw, Stewardship and Philanthropy officer at Food for the Hungry (also known simply as FH). It’s a great way to help a child reach a better future. 

For Ninni Co., sponsorships enable us to share our blessings with children, families and communities around the world. It’s a simple way for us to deliver valuable resources to those who need help and support in order to thrive. 

Ninni Co. began supporting Food for the Hungry about a year and a half ago, and we plan to sponsor even more children as our pacifier business grows. 

Uplifting Moms & Babies Around the World

Ninni Co. founders Jane Molina and Joy Williams were inspired to support Food for the Hungry by award-winning singer Anthony Evans

An African mother prepares a meal while her two young sons wait next to her

During a Maverick City Music concert, Evans described his involvement with FH, including his opportunity to meet a child he had sponsored. The vast impact of one small contribution on the boy’s life was transformative once the two met in person. Evans got to see first hand the effects his donation had on the child’s personal health and the positive impact on his village. 

After many years of sponsoring children through their personal income, Jane and Joy decided it was the right time to begin donating a portion of Ninni Co. revenue to FH. The monthly sponsorship is consistent with Ninni Co.’s mission of supporting moms and babies throughout the feeding journey. 

Sponsoring Kids for Stronger Communities

Child Sponsorship is a mutually transformative and collaborative relationship between communities and sponsors, according to McGraw. 

Group of young children enjoy washing their hands in clean water from a community water pump

The sponsor commits to a specific ongoing donation as an investment in community development. Each gift impacts children and families living in vulnerable and marginalized communities. The funding enables FH to implement program strategies and facilitate correspondence between sponsors and children. Sponsors also receive updates on the child’s home country.

Sponsorships help families and communities overcome the challenges of extreme poverty and better care for their children. Some of the ways your sponsorship donations benefit a child’s life include: 

  • Nutritious food
  • Education
  • Clean water
  • Improved sanitation and hygiene
  • Access to medical care
  • Training for families to earn income
  • Hope and knowledge that Jesus loves them

FH works with community leaders to ensure that families have the tools they need to become resilient so that children can flourish. The organization develops program strategies and partners with parents and leaders so they can take care of their children and own the future of their community.

Through the implementation of projects and activities, McGraw explains, FH engages with community shareholders according to their needs, with the purpose of walking towards flourishing and empowerment. Depending on the context, projects range from education support through classroom building and teacher training, local leaders training, to agriculture and health projects.

Building Relationships Between Sponsors & Kids

Each sponsor engages in a mutually beneficial and transforming relationship with children and their families. 

McGraw says that sponsors may write and receive letters, pray for each other and walk alongside the child, family and community through the journey of development and overcoming poverty and marginalization. In addition, sponsors have the opportunity to visit the communities and meet their sponsored children. 

If a sponsor sends in a one-time additional amount and does not indicate where the additional donations are to be allocated, FH will designate them to Ultimate Impact. However, if they pay extra each month, such as $50, which is above the monthly $38 rate, that extra income is applied to their sponsorship.

Our Commitment to Giving Back

At Ninni Co., making life better for children and families is our passion. That’s why we offer the super-soft Ninni Pacifier to offer soothing comfort for baby and relief for mamas. 

We are also committed to sharing with children and parents in vulnerable communities. Child Sponsorship provides the joy of making possible what may seem impossible for families and communities around the world.

We look forward to sponsoring more children and providing even more help and support as our income increases. It’s just another way in which Ninni Co. is working to create a brighter future for every child.