Tips For Success

After cleaning the product as outlined in our package insert, please read the following usage tips:
  • Introduce the pacifier after a feeding. A hungry baby is going to start sucking on our pacifier, and it will trigger a familiar and natural suckling motion. Your baby will expect milk to eventually come out! When it doesn't, you might get a very unhappy camper. However, when baby is fed and needing to be soothed, that is a perfect time to give the pacifier.
  • We are putting work back into pacification. Baby will have to use the same jaw and mouth movement as when breastfeeding to keep the NinniCo. pacifier in use. If accustomed to a traditional pacifier, this may be a learning curve. However, it is an innate capability babies are born with. After a few tries, most babies are off to the races.
  • If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.Because this pacifier requires a little more work and utilizes different oral motor movement than traditional pacifiers, your baby may need a few tries. If your baby rejects it, don't worry! Try again later in the day, or again tomorrow. Give yourself about 72-96 hours for baby to adjust.

We are so excited to introduce your baby to the revolution of soothing- the natural way! The NinniCo. pacifier was patented and designed right here in the US of A by two moms on a mission to provide your little ones with a better choice.

BYE-BYE nipple confusion! Hello, happy baby

You're doing such a great job, momma! Keep it up.