Tips For Success

Welcome to the revolution of soothing - the natural way. We hope you’ll soon be getting some much-needed rest! We want our breastfeeding pacifier to be the natural suckling choice that your baby takes just long enough to settle down. Ultimately, we want to be your next breast thing, not a substitute for the real thing. First and foremost, please read and follow the instructions included with the pacifier.

Introduce The Pacifier After a Feeding.

When a hungry baby starts sucking on our breast-like pacifier, it will trigger a familiar and neutral suckling motion. However, your baby will expect milk to come out eventually. When it doesn’t, you might wind up with a very unhappy camper! The perfect time to try the pacifier is after your baby has been fed and needs to be soothed.

Be patient! There’s a learning curve.

We’re putting a little bit of work into pacification. Baby will have to use the same jaw and mouth movement as when breastfeeding to keep the NinniCo. pacifier in use. If accustomed to a traditional pacifier, this may be a learning curve. After a few tries, most babies get the hang of it.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Because this pacifier utilizes different oral motor movement than traditional pacifiers, it takes little more work and your baby may need a few tries. If your baby rejects it, don’t worry! Try again later in the day, or again tomorrow. Give yourself a few days to become accustomed to it.

Soothe and remove.

Because of the distinct differences in the NinniCo. pacifier, most parents and caregivers notice babies only use it to calm down and fall asleep. When it comes to play periods, active exploring and activities outside of quiet time, your baby may reject the pacifier. Don’t worry! That’s a GOOD THING! We repeat, it’s a good thing. The NinniCo. pacifier is the most breast-like pacifier on the market, so it takes baby some extra mouth and jaw work to use it! It will be hard for baby to suck on it and play at the same time. Our goal, as supported by speech and feeding specialists, is to soothe and remove.


Our philosophy aligns with supporting healthy oral motor and tooth development, naturally assisting your baby in weaning from any pacification when it’s time.

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