Tips for Success with the Ninni Co. pacifier

One of the most common messages we receive from new mamas is about best practices for success with the Ninni Co. pacifier. So, we wanted to share some of our best tips and tricks with you right here.

  • The Ninni Co. pacifier is putting work back into pacification. Your baby will have to use the same jaw and mouth movement as when breastfeeding to keep the pacifier in use. If accustomed to a traditional pacifier, this may be a learning curve. However, it is an innate, trainable capability babies are born with. After a few tries, most babies are off to the races.  
  • Most mamas can't believe how incredibly soft our pacifier-like-breast really is! We designed it that pliable to allow the baby to get good mouth movement while sucking. Unfortunately it can be challenging in the beginning for some little ones to get the hang of it because it is very different than traditional pacifiers.  
  • Give baby some time and practice. You may have to hold it in there for them initially, until they get the hang. The latch has time to strengthen and will get better and better. Just keep introducing it, give breaks, then bring it out again. While your finger is placed in the backside middle of the pacifier, move your finger gently around the center to see if you can get baby's top and bottom lip flanged around the outer part of the soother. This should reinforce proper oral function and good tongue movement. Continue to maneuver your finger around until you feel the suction and they begin to pull the paci back into their mouth (around the back of the hard palate) and you should see their tongue do the wave like motion on the under part of the paci.
  • Introduce the pacifier after a feeding. A hungry baby is going to start sucking on our pacifier, and it will trigger a familiar and natural suckling motion. Your baby will expect milk to eventually come out! When it doesn't, you might get a very unhappy camper. However, when baby is fed and needing to be soothed, that is a perfect time to give the pacifier.
  • Another thing you may want to try is holding baby in a breastfeeding position, when done eating, but still wants to suckle, slide it in then. Let them think they’re still latched on. Many times this works best for initial introduction- until they get used to it.
  • If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Because this pacifier requires a little more work and utilizes different oral motor movement than traditional pacifiers, your baby may need a few tries. If your baby rejects it, don't worry! Try again later in the day, or again tomorrow. Give yourself about 72-96 hours for baby to adjust.


We are so excited to introduce your baby to the revolution of soothing- the natural way! The NinniCo. breastlike pacifier was patented and designed right here in the USA by two moms on a mission to provide your little ones with a better choice.
BYE-BYE nipple confusion! Hello, happy baby!
You're doing such a great job, momma! 
Keep it up.
Joy + Jane